About Pat

My work is inspired by what I see around me, both in my native Scotland and on my travels. I am attracted to time-worn and wild spaces, and I am acutely aware of those who may have been there before me, and try to imbue an essence of this in my work. I am also interested in depicting the wild flowers and plants that inhabit these locations and lend much to the character of the landscape, especially in setting the season.

I work with layers, mirroring those created by time and the elements. These consist of washes or blocks of colour in paint or fabric, which are built up gradually and sometimes erased or obscured. I like to include relevant text, either printed or written, which then becomes a subtle element of the work. I may use several media and various techniques to achieve the desired result.

I am currently Palace Artist at Falkland Palace, Fife, and am looking forward to a productive year, culminating in an exhibition in summer 2020.