About Pat

Pat Beveridge has lived in Glenrothes for most of her life and finds inspiration in the nature and landscape around her. She is attracted to time-worn and wild spaces and loves to work ‘en plain air’ when possible. Pat has been building a body of work over the last couple of years, based on the effects of sunlight and shade on woodland and hedgerows..

Pat works mainly in acrylic, but also "paints" with repurposed and hand-dyed fabrics and stitch. She works with layers, which consist of washes or blocks of colour in paint or fabric. These are built up gradually and sometimes erased or obscured. She may use several media and various techniques to achieve the desired result.

Pat is currently Palace Artist at Falkland Palace, Fife. She was creating work for an exhibition in 2020, which was cancelled because of Coronavirus. This is now taking place from 28th July 2021 for two weeks.